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    Istar's 4-in-1 wireless, programmable LED driver can support

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    Istar's 4-in-1 wireless, programmable LED driver can support four dimming methods


    Istar can make custom design per different dimension and output wattage based on this 52W wireless programmable LED driver platform.

    4 in 1 wireless programmable LED driver features:
    • Universal wide input voltage: 90Vac to 305Vac
    • Output wattage can cover from 25w to 52w
    • Output current can be programmable by wireless programming device
    • Output current can modified from 500mA to 1300mA
    • External auxiliary 12V/100mA output
    • High output current accuracy: ±3%
    • High efficiency: 86% typical @120Vac, full load
    • High power factor: 0.96 typical@ 120Vac, full load
    • TRIAC & ELV Dimmer compatible
    • 0-10V & PWM Dimmer compatible
    • With Lightning Protection & all-round protections (OVP, SCP , OTP, Open Circuit
    • Comply with UL1310 class2 Safety Regulation
    • Factory original, competitive price but high quality
    • 100% Full Load Aging Test for 4 Hours @Ta=40℃
    • 5-year warranty

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